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Hades OPPrison is a sub Minecraft server of Spartan Networks (Parent Company). We started in July of 2020 and aim to provide the best player experiences for everyone and anyone. Pushing our machines to the limit we do everything we can to make sure each and every player gets the most out of their game. We offer a large variety of things to do on our servers, and even have a Discord server where you can join our other community of gamers as well! As a very Family Friendly company we offer many different donation packages that allow users to enhance their gameplay and experience without sacrificing too much. As of right now our business is rapidly growing and even though it may be small now, our goal is to create an even larger community with even more servers to provide for each and every gameplay there is for any player anyway shape or form. If you need any help at all feel free to reach us at any of our types of communication down below:

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