Name: Donor
Price: 5.00 USD

5.0x Permanent Sell Multiplier

$100,000,000,000,000 (100Tril) in-game money!

Custom Donor Tab Name!

Custom Donor suffix!

+ 5,000 Enchant Tokens

Access to /kit Donor! (includes ETokens, Slot Tokens, Picks, Armor and more!)

Access to the /Warp Donor Mine! (Higher ORE % and blocks!)

Access to Sell at Donor Shop! (Higher prices than the previous ranks!)

Access to 3 different types of pets -- Wolf, Cat, Chicken

Access to 2 different (/plot) Plots!

Access to 3 different full sized Player Vaults! (/pv 1, /pv 2, /pv 3)


    /Nick - Ability to have a nick name in-game! (Color codes supported!)

    /Craft - Ability to use a crafting bench anywhere!

    /Enderchest - Ability to open your enderchest anywhere!